Yoga is an art of living a healthy way of life, originated in India about 5000 years ago. Now, it spread all over the world including western culture as a form of practice to live healthily. Yoga includes different types of systematized practices or exercises that provide self-relaxation and integration of body and mind at a spiritual level. Yoga originated from various methodologies that existed thousands of years ago in different civilizations like the Indus valley civilization of India.

These methodologies are largely used for personality development of an individual by maintaining the mental and physical balance of the body. Maharishi Patanjali systematized yogic practices from ancient existing literature to provide healthy living of life. As like other science and philosophy its approach is to build discipline, dedication, relaxation and good habits in an individual by performing various exercises to live a healthy life.

In the modern era, our living lifestyle patterns affect the body at mental, physical, social, economical, emotional and spiritual level. But, yoga acts in controlling a person’s body, mind and soul in all forms. It consists of different types of practices, techniques and exercises that bring mental and physical discipline to provide better healthy life from various environmental factors. Modern yoga is focused on techniques and exercises that provide physical and mental energy by enhancing the inner balance of the body. Regular yoga practice provides many physical and mental benefits.

In the modern era, there is existence of many systems to fight against diseases and discomforts with their own approach and limitation such as Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, and Siddha, whereas allopathic systems are considered as modern methods. All systems are based on experimental science and resemble close relation with nature. Nature itself gives direction that most diseases are the result of derangements at mental and physical level in our body. Process of disease development is a result of the influence of many environmental factors.

Doctors implant exercises and physical activities to treat a number of ailments in their daily medicine practice. These exercises and activities are part of yogic philosophy in a modern way that provides relief to many chronic patients at physical, mental and emotional levels in a holistic way. Treatment of diseases is boundaryless and our body is a part of a single cell that connects the whole body in various modifications. Yogic practices help to unite and join our body in a holistic way which not only provides better life but also helps to arrange body derangements in a holistic way.

Yoga is an art that develops personality and provides a healthy way of living in various aspects by performing exercises. It resembles systematized practices focused on development of physical, emotional and mental health. In the modern era these yogic techniques are used by medical science to provide stability and relief to patients.

Philosophy of yoga is a holistic science i.e., much more than experimental science because its results are based on the balance of body, mind and soul. Studies by various institutes show that yogic practitioners enjoy a better healthy life with happiness and positive vibes. So, convert your lifestyle and make yogic practices as a part of life for better health with the focused mental and physical state.

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