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Yogic Motivation

Do you want to set your body and mind to next goal? Yogic motivation will completely remove the negative patterns, negative thoughts of you mind and secure the positive mind set for your next adventure.

Yogic Consultation

Talk to our living yogi, who will care fully listen to you and advice on best wellness plan for you to follow up, that will help to discover your inner self and rebalance, just take some time to find yourself within you.

Yoga Nindra

Find your night sleep at day time, this guided meditation session will completely melt away your stress and sets you with new subtle energies. Recommended for those suffering from sleep disorders and suffering from stress.


This powerful meditation develops the control of vital energy of your body, it will develop the focus and conciseness of your mind and achieve cultivation of inner peace.

Yogic Detox

Our yogic cleanse helps your body detox in a control and safe manner, this will improve the digestive system, boost the immune system and achieve clarity of thought and peace of mind. Yogic cleanse uses non-invasive techniques combined, detoxifying therapies and personalized wellness activities.

Discover Wellness

Enjoy de-tress mind and powerful flexible body with the program, program will include, powerful personalized yoga, Meditation, breath exercise, signature massage and energy treatments.

Stretch For Stress

Carefully selected stretched session to relieve you from the stress and leave your mind free for daily rotation, simple yet powerful stretching techniques you are able to use back at your home or office.

Reiki Therapy

Discover the ancient Japanese reiki that will enhance the flow of your energy, your therapist will transfer safe and powerful energies through your energy centers of the body that will release all energy blockages of your energy flow.

Watsu Therapy

Just float on your private pool, your therapist will expertly perform Watsu therapy, with stretching, acupressure techniques, result with deep harmony and improve the sense of happiness.