SPA & Wellness Consultancy

This would refer to an existing business needing support in developing holistic approach to development & design of concept and execution.

• Concept Development
Upon an initial site visit, and possible signing of agreement, we will provide with area zoning & circulation report, review of preliminary layout and facility list and preliminary spa design concept development including sample images and other descriptions to illustrate the concept. We will also discuss on concept and design guidelines with client and architect.

• Design Development
A comprehensive market study, identify revenue and profit streams including payroll expenses and staff forecasting will be complete at this stage. We will also complete a preliminary spa menu and spa product recommendation at this stage.
We will also submit a furniture plan, lighting plans, signage planning for all spa areas, sections & elevation details, electrical plans and A & V plans.

• Construction Stage
As your consultant, we will be available for project management meetings, further consultations and additional design supervision during the construction stage. Meetings and services at this stage are subject to daily rates and all trips are subject to trip expenses and travel requirement if it is not included in the contract.