Increase Employee Engagement Through Rewards

Employee engagement is critical for the success for the success of spa training sessions. With the training provided, we monitor progress at every stage and look at incentivizing staff in view of motivating.

We develop unique rewards system for your team as and when they complete specific training programs. Rewards are generated via a points scheme, training completion and positive customer feedback. Customer feedback is also taken for the rewards scheme. The objective is to incentivize employees who deliver High -Quality Customer Experiences. Points are accumulated and redeeming is easy and transparent. The records of training completed and their level of engagement is maintained and used as a tool for future staff incentives, increments and career development.

Our Solutions

Employee Growth

Managers have access to employee journey of growth through digital or QR code verification. We believe in employee growth and development.

Employee Passport

Helps in documenting employee achievements. Passport Stamp function as a ‘badge of honor’ for each employee and also lets Managers and learning teams track their learning records and success.

Employee Surveys

Employee Feedback Matter. Obtain feedback anonymously and gather trends on thoughts on wellness, education, development and employee satisfaction. Create your own and unique survey with us and see results!